40+ Best Happy 18th Birthday Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages) May, 2019

happy 18th birthday wishes

We have lots of people who have 18th birthday, but we don’t know how to wish them in good way so that they can able to remember us, I have made many happy 18th birthday wishes, you can select any of them from below and wish them a very happy birthday.

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Best Happy 18th Birthday  Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

  • Finally you are 18 that means you can do illegal things in life, don’t get me wrong 😀 happy 18th birthday

  • 18th is the biggest milestone of anyones life, congrats happy 18th birthday

  • Now make your driving license otherwise you will be too much old, happy 18th birthday

  • You can able to play Mature M rated games, 😀 happy 18th birthday

  • You have already learned that how hard is life, but each time to make it easier, happy birthday

  • Happy birthday to the guy who always helped me as my friend, happy 18th birthday

  • I am very happy today that you are became 18 year old, happy birthday

  • Time is changing very fast, I don’t when you completed your 18th birthday from 1st birthday, happy 18th birthday

  • This is your day buddy, enjoy it as much as you can, otherwise you will regret in future, happy birthday

  • My dear friend you became 18 but don’t forget your childhood friends as well, happy 18th birthday

  • You will need to learn more about life, as it going very fast and vast as well, happy 18th birthday

  • I really had happy moments with you my friend, happy 18th birthday

  • I welcome to the world where everyone is good and everyone is bad, it all depends on your vision, 😀 happy 18th birthday

  • I just hope that you will get beautiful Girlfriend this year, so that you will feel like to have in 18th birthday, happy 18th birthday

  • Don’t wait for the perfect time, just start enjoying life from now otherwise time will capture your moments, happy 18th birthday

  • Turning 18 is one the happiest moment of life as you became adult and do whatever you want to do, happy 18th birthday

  • Your teen age are going dude, enjoy your teen ages otherwise you will regret in future, happy 18th birthday

  • Lets play hard all night and have fun till morning, happy 18th birthday

  • From 18th you will be given less home work in your school, 😀 happy 18th birthday

  • Without you buddy, I can’t able to have fun, thank you for giving me every funny moments in life, happy 18th birthday

  • Childhood is over buddy and your main life is just begun I hope you will enjoy hard, happy 18th birthday

  • You will learn in many ways all depend on your ability to learn at 18, hope you will learn something good this year, happy 18th birthday wishes

  • Beginning is always the hardest, but your birthday’s beginning is always funny and enjoying, happy 18th birthday

  • From now you will learn how to cry and how to laugh I will suggest you to laugh on bad happenings as it will reduce your stress, 😀 happy birthday 18th

  • Life is full of adventures and bad people all you need to do is just choose your big friends wisely, happy 18th birthday

  • Now you will see the beauty of life that were hidden from you, happy 18th birthday

  • Finally you will be able to join our company and do fun just like we do, happy 18th birthday

  • You will lots of people in this age group but choice is yours to make good or bad, happy 18th birthday

  • I know it is hard to live peacefully then why don’t we play hard music all night, 😀 happy 18th birthday

  • This is the right time to understand life and their consequences, happy 18th birthday

  • You are bright kid I hope you will not involve in wrong activities, happy 18th birthday

  • Life will throw every opportunity towards, its your choice whether to catch them or not, happy 18th birthday

  • Now you Facebook is full of feeds for happy 18th birthday, congrats dude, happy birthday

  • I hope you will get lots of happiness and prosperity this year, happy 18th birthday

  • This is the right time to find out part time job for your daily cost, happy 18th birthday

  • Things will change but I think you will always support me, happy birthday

  • I still remember our childhood memory, now you are 18th congrats buddy, keep growing, 😀 happy birthday

  • Try to change your style man, you are at 18th don’t live simple happy birthday

  • Be gentle with everyone that’s what I can say to you, happy birthday

  • People change according to time and forget their childhood friends I hope you will not forget, happy 18th birthday


I hope you got what you were looking for, you can share it with your friends so that they can also able to wish good happy birthday when your birthday comes, If you want to share your happy 18th birthday message then comment below I will love to read them.



I know you love your loved ones that's why you are searching for best wishes. I am sure you got your favorite wishes to send your loved. Please don't forget to share these wishes with your friends and families.
Happy Birthday Wishes
40+ Best Happy 18th Birthday  Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)  May, 2019 1
Best Happy 18th Birthday Wishes (Quotes, FaceBook Status, Messages)
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